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    After spending weeks chasing a skunky odor in the port bilge, a tech at Zimmerman’s in Southport made a discovery and solved the problem.

    There is a hidden bilge under the shower sump. An A/C condensate line goes into the sump, and the impossible-to-reach hose clamp on this line was very loose. As a result, condensate has been dripping into the bilge under the sump for (probably) years. There’s a small rectangular access at the top of this bilge – where the hoses are connected to the shower sump – and the tech used a shop vac to remove about 30 gallons of gray stinky fluid from within this hidden compartment under the shower sump. We put in a quart of bleach to neutralize the stuff that the shop vac could not suck out.

    Peer into the port bilge. If you see a square opening, at the top, midway between the hatches, then you’ve found it. Hopefully you’ll never need to gain access.

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    We had a similar issue with stinky water in the outboard port stringer compartment under the shower. Turns out that the sump pump had been replaced and the new pump had a different bolt hole pattern. The old bolt holes were never sealed and it had been drip, drip, dripping for years. By the time we discovered it, the stringer was full and had begun sloshing into the inboard stringer compartment, where we REALLY noticed it. Tough to diagnose but relatively easy to fix.

    By the way, I just found a special fitting that will connect a standard 3/4 inch garden hose to a pump-out hose. If I never use it, it will have been a good luck charm. Far simpler than the shop vac which took untold round-trips to suck, dump, suck, dump, etc.

    No connection. Just a satisfied customer. They have other good products, too.


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    Norm Miller

    Which hull number do you have?
    Norm Miller

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    Norm: #48, N37

    Dick: “outboard port stringer compartment” is a much better descriptor than “hidden bilge.” Thanks

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