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Thank you for visiting our Great Harbour Trawler Association (GHTA) site. The GHTA was founded in May 2002. Since that time we continue to grow each year. Our primary goals, in addition to the friendship and camaraderie, include the exchange of ideas and information that enhances the cruising life that we all enjoy. This site is available for ideas and to provide information to Great Harbour trawler owners as well as others who are interested in cruising. We offer an Associate Membership also to non-Great Harbour trawler owners who may possibly be interested in a Great Harbour trawler for their future.

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Today’s Links – September 20, 2014

  • MarineQuest Open House, St. Petersburg, FL, Tampa Bay
    This sounds like a wonderful adventure, especially if you have children. It’s also a great time to visit St. Petersburg Municipal Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, located on the western shore of Tampa Bay in downtown St. Petersburg. Fish and Wildlife Research Institute gears up for 20th annual MarineQuest open house The Florida […]
  • Red Tide Outbreak on Florida Gulf Coast
    This notice is of especial interest to offshore boaters in the Big Bend area of the Northern Gulf. Our thanks to Jonathan Gorham for submitting this information. We have been following the progress of a red tide outbreak on the Florida Gulf Coast as we make our travel plans to the area. Currently (as of […]
  • Query: Sailors Looking for an ICW House Rental
    This is an unusual request for assistance, but if anyone can help the Secrists find a rental home with a dock, our readers can! Reply to My husband and I are southbound on the AICW and are looking for a house rental for a few weeks (possibly a month) that has a dock for […]
  • Reduced Transient Rates at Brunswick Landing Marina, off AICW Statute Mile 680
    Brunswick Landing Marina, a very popular facility with long term resident cruisers and many positive comments from your fellow boaters, sits well off the direct path of the AICW, flanking the eastern banks of Academy Creek, off Brunswick River, near the heart of downtown Brunswick, Georgia. This rate reduction is just in time for the […]
  • Appreciating fuel management, wanting more
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison


    Gizmo is fenders down, awning up, in bustling Baltimore Harbor, and I have tales to tell. This old powerboat sails! That’s no surprise given her windage, but now I have precise data about how much wind (and current) can help her along thanks to a fuel management system. In this photo, for instance, we were making around 10 knots over the ground at 1,350 RPM but still getting over three miles to a gallon thanks to a stiff easterly wind pushing us down Long Island Sound. That’s a wake-pulling, inefficient RPM when running on flat summer water in Maine, but is much easier on crew and autopilot when in following seas like these. While I’m usually willing to spend more fuel money to shoulder through conditions like this, I was pleased to learn that the dollar difference wasn’t great…

Today’s Links – September 18, 2014

  • FEC RR Bridge Closed AGAIN! to Navigation, St. Johns River, Jacksonville, FL, 9/17/2014
    Our thanks to Chuck Baier and Susan Landry for sending this 9/16 report by Francesca Amiker of the New4Jax team. This Florida East Coast RR bridge has been the posted child for all that can go wrong with lift bridges. Local Jacksonville boaters and businesses are not happy!! With a closed vertical clearance of ONLY […]
  • Sun Covers for Windows
    Keep your boat far cooler by putting these shades over the sunniest non-opening windows. Easy DIY project!

    Click title above to read the full article

Today’s Links – September 17, 2014

  • Dredging in Bogue Inlet, Swansboro, NC, near Statute Mile 227
    The dredging project described below concerns waters in the almost always shallow Bogue Inlet channel, NOT depths at the Bogue Inlet/AICW intersection. Of course, the Waterway intersection is a perennial problem stretch on the AICW, so proceed with caution here as well. NC – BOGUE INLET- DREDGING Mariners are advised that the Dredge Merritt will […]
  • US 2014 Coast Pilot 4 Now Available
    NEW EDITION – U.S. Coast Pilot 4, Atlantic Coast: Cape Henry, VA to Key West, FL, 46th Edition, 2014 PUBLICATION–National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)–U.S. Coast Pilot 4, Atlantic Coast: Cape Henry, VA to Key West, FL, 46th Edition, 2014, has been issued and is ready for free download and weekly updates at Only Print-on-Demand […]
  • Hampton Snowbird Rendezvous, October 16-19, Hampton, VA
    Cruisers’ Net doesn’t normally stray further north than Mile Zero, but this four-day event just up the road in Hampton is too good to pass up. The Hampton Public Piers is the host dock for HSR. This is a transient facility located within walking distance of Downtown Hampton’s historic district, restaurants, and local attractions. Docking […]