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Andy Allen retired from the recorded music business in 2009. He grew up in St. Louis Mo. and began a career in music marketing by joining KSHE as a DJ in 1974. After managing a local record store in the St. Louis area, Andy was hired by RCA to do sales and promotion which led to a move to New York in 1984. Several years later, Andy joined Island Records, where he rose to General Manager. In 1993, ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance) was started by the Warner Music Group to distribute Independent music. Andy joined as President and rose to Chairman after establishing ADA as the largest distributor of Indie music in the world. Andy is married (Annie), has two adult children, and lives on Merritt Island Fl.

Today’s Links – November 25, 2014

  • Detailed Report on Ashepoo-Coosaw Alternate, AICW Statute Mile 517
    Once again we are indebted to Mark and Diana Doyle for this excellent report from the alternative route to Ashepoo-Coosaw Cut-off which is a perennial shoaling spot. As the Ashepoo-Coosaw Cut-off has silted in further, we have had several reports of the use of an alternate route to by-pass the shoaling, see http://cruisersnet.net/?p=145074. For a […]
  • Projects and Priorities
    The boat doesn’t have to be perfect to go into the water . . . but there are some things that just have to be done.

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Today’s Links – November 24, 2014

  • Seapilot Vector Compact GPS Compass & True Heading comes to the USA
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison


    When I mentioned strong contenders for the 2014 DAME electronics award, one I definitely had in mind was the SeaPilot Vector Compact GPS Compass. Yes, in many ways it’s just another GPS compass but it’s substantially smaller, substantially less expensive, and the design seems suited to high performance on many types of boats. Before getting into the details, though, let’s deal with possible brand confusion. While True Heading, parent of the recreational SeaPilot brand, has been selling Vector GPS Compasses in Europe for some time, the core technology comes from Hemisphere and similar compasses were sold by ComNav, Si-Tex and others. The Vector Compact is not only a new model but is also much more exclusive to True Heading, which has recently expanded to North America.

  • Beaufort City Mooring Recommended, Beaufort, SC, AICW Statute Mile 536.5
    The Beaufort City Anchorage is a mooring field managed by the Downtown Marina of Beaufort, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! For more on the recently installed mooring field, see http://cruisersnet.net/?p=88324 We’ve anchored at Beaufort SC several times…. and each time I swear we’ll never do that again…. Love the town, but the currents are […]
  • Comments on Anchoring Survey
    SSECN sent out this Anchoring Survey via an email Alert as soon as it was received. This posting is to publish comments we have received about the survey. Because a wide response is in the best interest of boaters, we ask that you not be deterred from completing the survey by negative comments about the […]
  • Turkish Evil Eyes
    The story behind the three Turkish Evil Eyes on Barefoot Gal. We want to keep that bad juju away!

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