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Andy Allen retired from the recorded music business in 2009. He grew up in St. Louis Mo. and began a career in music marketing by joining KSHE as a DJ in 1974. After managing a local record store in the St. Louis area, Andy was hired by RCA to do sales and promotion which led to a move to New York in 1984. Several years later, Andy joined Island Records, where he rose to General Manager. In 1993, ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance) was started by the Warner Music Group to distribute Independent music. Andy joined as President and rose to Chairman after establishing ADA as the largest distributor of Indie music in the world. Andy is married (Annie), has two adult children, and lives on Merritt Island Fl.

Today’s Links – April 23, 2014

  • Report from Maximo Marina, near Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 115
    Maximo Marina is on the charted canal cutting into Boca Ciega Bay’s southeastern shores, east-northeast of unlighted daybeacon #14. The Maximo Marina on the east end of Boca Ciega Bay at Gulfport, Florida is accessed by a long channel that has just recently been remarked by new unlit daymark pilings which prevents deep draft boats […]
  • GOOD NEWS – The “Margolis Amendment” FAILS – BUT Another Effort Is Being Mounted to Return to the “Bad Old Days”of Local Florida Anchorage Regulations
    Most of the time, in the world of Florida anchorage regulations, all things move at a proverbial snail’s pace, but there are exceptions, and this is one of those times. If you came to this article, as many of you have, expecting to read about an amendment introduced in the Florida State Senate, which would […]
  • HIGH WATER Warning for South Georgia and North Florida ICW
    Take Heed! all our tall masted friends! Check carefully those height boards on all the fixed bridges. Thank you Chuck and Susan for sending this notice from Cruisers Forum. Many rivers and sounds in south Georgia and north Florida are at or near flood stage so bridge clearance may be a problem for tall masts […]
  • West Palm Beach Bridges Undergo Schedule Changes, AICW Statute Miles 1021-1025
    Three of the Waterway bridges in West Palm Beach will be undergoing changes in their schedules for six months beginning May 10, 2014. For the new opening schedules and the reasons for the changes, please see the following links: http://cruisersnet.net/?p=139424 Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Bridge Directory Listing For Flagler Memorial […]
  • A Visit to Big Trout Marina, Engelhard, NC – Western Shores of Pamlico Sound
    Big Trout Marina, on the mainland shore of Pamlico Sound, guards the northerly banks of Far Creek and Engelhard harbor, a short distance west of flashing daybeacon #10. Claiborne, Attached are a few photos from the Neuse Sailing Association’s visit to Engelhard in 2013. In the photo with me in the foreground on my Catalina […]
  • Oriental Nautical Wheelers Photo Gallery
    1. To see a photo title, hover your pointer over any thumbnail below. Wait a moment, and title will appear 2. For a larger/full size image, click on any thumbnail below; to return to thumbnails, click inside any full size image 3. To browse through full size images, open first image by clicking on it, […]
  • Anyone Need Railings for a 1970 Vintage Marine Trader?
    Hello Claiborne, I have a bow rail and aft cabin rails for a 1970′s era Marine Trader. Photos are attached. The railings are not bent, crimped or damaged in any way that I can see. I will sell them for any reasonable offer. I don’t want to cut up these railings and send them to […]
  • County Commissioners Address Derelict Vessel Issue in Keys
    At the April 16 meeting of the Monroe County Commission in Key West, Commissioner George Neugent intends to outline proposals targeting the derelict vessel problem in the Florida Keys. Because of the expense involved with their removal, the issue of abandoned vessels, not only in the Keys but in all coastal harbors, has become a […]
  • Cruising Pamlico Sound, off the AICW in Eastern North Carolina
    Ocracoke Island, mentioned in this article from the AGLCA forum, is part of the North Carolina Outer Banks and lies on the eastern edge of Pamlico Sound. The National Park Service Docks lie on the northern shores of Ocracoke’s Silver Lake Harbor, just east of its entrance. The “outside” route to the ICW is definitely […]

Today’s Links – April 22, 2014

  • . . . and more!
    For quite a while, I’ve occasionally posted responses to questions I’ve gotten about boat life that aren’t really galley related. It’s time to make it official: TBG is expanding!

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  • NMEA 2000 color instrument power testing, looks good
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison

    Raymarine_i70_power_testing_cPanbo.jpgWhen Garmin recently introduced GNX20/21 displays, it led to questions about the power needs of similar but all-color NMEA 2000 instruments. And that led me to finally make up a special N2K cable that I can use with my trusty Power Analyzer Pro to measure the 12 volt current flow to an individual N2K-powered device. So what you’re seeing above is that a Raymarine i70 working with live data at 100% brightness level is using 0.13 amps. That’s not much by most standards, but dropping down a hair to 90% brightness reduced the power draw 20%…

  • Good Words for R. E. Mayo Seafood Docks, AICW Statute Mile 157
    In June of 2012, I cruised to R. E. Mayo Seafood Docks, one of our newest SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSORS. It was a very interesting visit indeed, and I think I can say without any fear of telling an inaccuracy, this is one of the most unique facilities that has ever chosen to support […]
  • More Information on Bridge Pointe Marina (New Bern, NC, on the Trent River)
    We announced a few months ago, that SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, Bridge Pointe Marina in New Bern, NC, had reopened after a year-long rebuilding project. I have twice undertaken a personal inspection of Bridge Pointe’s new reincarnation, and it can be stated with no fear of inaccuracy, that this is now a state-of-the-art facility. […]

Today’s Links – April 19, 2014

  • Our New Boat
    We really did it this time! A few photos of our new (well, new-to-us) baby.

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  • Flagler Memorial Bridge Set for 6 Month Open Position, AICW Statute Mile 1021
    Since construction began, Flagler Memorial Bridge in West Palm Beach has been in a state of almost constant change, see http://cruisersnet.net/?p=127999. Beginning May 12, 2014, Flagler Memorial Bridge will be put into an open position for about six months. During this closure to auto traffic, Royal Park Bridge and Southern Boulevard Bridge will have new […]

Today’s Links – April 18, 2014

  • Simrad ForwardScan, a challenge to EchoPilot FLS?
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison

    Simrad_ForwardScan_concept_aPanbo.jpgWhile Simrad announced ForwardScan at the Miami Boat Show, details are scarce and the concept diagram doesn’t really show what a ForwardScan screen is going to look like. Yes, like other Foward Looking Sonar (FLS) systems, the goal is to display the water column and ocean floor in front of the vessel to “help boaters eliminate the worry of potential groundings in unfamiliar waters” and, yes, FowardScan is the first FLS to be fully integrated into a multifunction display system. Well, I’ve hounded Simrad for more information — all of which sounds good — and it also looks like I will get to test ForwardScan against what seems like the most similar existing product…

  • Fort Pierce City Marina Happenings, AICW Statute Mile 966.5, April 17, 2014
    The entrance channel leading to Fort Pierce City Marina, a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!, runs to the west, just south of the Fort Pierce high-rise bridge, and well north of unlighted daybeacon #188. Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Fort Pierce City Marina Click Here To Open […]
  • Report from Alligator Creek Anchorage, south of Fernandina, FL, AICW Statute Mile 726
    The entrance to Alligator Creek Anchorages lies north-northeast of the ICW’s unlighted daybeacon #36. The two recommended locations are above and below the mouth of Alligator Creek. I’ve been here on two occasions, the first time during a howling northwest wind of 35 to 40 MPH and ducked in between the sand bar and shore […]