Today’s Links – November 30, 2011

  • Height Discrepancy at Wabasso Bridge, AICW, Statute Mile 943
    Wabasso Bridge-crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 943, southeast of unlighted daybeacon #80. This bridge is not 65′. We are sitting at high tide and the board shows 63 1/4′ with a .48′ total tide. pete mathias Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For Wabasso Bridge Click Here To […]
  • More Good Words for Dudley’s Marina, AICW Statute Mile 229
    Dudley’s Marina lies northeast of the Waterway near unlighted daybeacon #46A, and just a hop, skip and jump from downtown Swansboro, NC. Those cruisers who are willing to hike or take the Dudley’s courtesy car across the bridge and causeway can find some of the best FRIED (NOT broiled) seafood in the world at Captain […]
  • A Good Visit to Morehead City Docks, AICW Statute Mile 205
    In the heart of downtown, the City docks are on the northern banks of the Morehead City waterfront channel, west of Morehead Gulf Docks. Reservations are made by calling 252-726-2457, but payment is made at the City Library one block from the waterfront at 9th and Evans. We stayed at these docks on 11/25/11. Nice […]
  • Hazard to Navigation in Tampa Bay
    This capsized vessel is approximately 6.5 nautical miles NW of the Sunshine Skyway. FLORIDA-WEST COAST-TAMPA BAY: Hazard to navigation. There is a 14ft light blue Trek Sail Catamaran with orange sails capsized in Tampa Bay in position 27-41.19N 082-34.34W marked with a black life jacket tied to the anchor. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme […]
  • Dredging to Begin in Cumberland Sound and Kings Bay, AICW Statute Mile 710
    Kings Bay Submarine Base lies on the west side of Cumberland Sound and just north of the GA/FL state line. Dredging affecting waterway traffic will be in Range D and Range E between Marker #37 and #44A. GEORGIA-FLORIDA-CUMBERLAND SOUND-FERNANDINA HARBOR TO KINGS BAY: Dredge Operations. Cottrell Contracting Corporation of Chesapeake, Virginia will commence dredging operations […]
  • DeLorme inReach, hand’s on #1

    Click on this photo for a close look at the new age of satellite messaging, tracking, and distress handhelds, or at least three of the early contenders. I was cautiously keen on the DeLorme inReach when it first surfaced, but then I had to bite my tongue. Though I was experiencing its reasonably fast and affordable two-way global messaging back in August, I couldn’t discuss it because of the beta testing NDA. Fair enough, as the inReach system evolved substantially during the beta process. Plus I’ve now had a chance to compare it with the less expensive Spot Connect, whose one-way custom messaging via Globalstar was discussed here in January. Not to mention the pro-oriented BriarTek Cerberus system, which also appeared here last January and uses the same Iridium 9602 data modem as the inReach. The news is pretty much all good for anyone who boats (or hikes, or whatever) beyond cell service, but it’s going to take several entries just to lay out what I’ve learned so far…

  • Shoaling at G81 in the Intersection of AICW and Shallotte Inlet, Statute Mile 330
    We just received a warning about marker #81 from Terry on M/V Orient Moon and now the warning is a Local Notice to Mariners. This area has been a problem stretch for some time. Dredging is scheduled to begin December 1, 2011. NC – CAPE FEAR RIVER TO LITTLE RIVER – SHOALING Shoaling to a […]
  • Dredging to Begin at AICW/Shalotte Inlet Intersection, Statute Mile 330
    Despite being dredged in February of this year, recent new shoaling has prompted the need for additional dredging. NC – CAPE FEAR RIVER TO LITTLE RIVER INLET (AIWW) – SHALLOTTE INLET CROSSING – DREDGING The Dredge WILKO will be conducting dredging operations in the AIWW at the Shallotte Inlet Crossing from 01 December, 2011 until […]

Today’s Links – November 29, 2011

  • Jeremy Creek USACE Survey, McClellanville, SC, AICW Statute Mile 430
    Jeremy Creek intersects the Waterway at Mile 430 and is the main channel into McClellanville and fine seafood. The attached survey gives the most recent depths for the creek. Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2011 6:15 PM To: Verdolini, Mike R SAC, USACE Subject: Jeremy Creek Survey Jeremy Creek Survey
  • Flash: Elizabeth City Bridge Now Open after Repairs, Dismal Swamp ICW Route at Statute Mile 51
    Captain Mike of Arioso brings good news: the bridge is operational again! And a big Thank You to Mike Pittinger for keeping us all posted! Cruisers helping cruisers! The bridge has been repaired and is now opening for marine traffic. We can through from Jennett Brothers dock at noon. Mike Pittinger Sr. Captain, SV Ariosa […]
  • More Praise for Osprey Marina, AICW Statute Mile 373
    Osprey Marina lies at the southern foot of AICW section known officially as the Pine Island Cut (a. k. a. “the Rock Pile”), just as the Waterway sweeps south into beautiful Waccamaw River. Osprey Marina is one of the finest marinas you will ever discover, and these good folks are A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET […]
  • The Story Behind The Boat Galley
    Thanks to all the readers of The Boat Galley, I’m doing what I love! Here’s the full story . . .

Today’s Links – November 28, 2011

  • Tough Night’s Sleep in Fort George River Anchorage, AICW Statute Mile 735
    Fort George River Anchorage lies just west of unlighted daybeacon #5 – the westerly entrance to Fort George River, from the ICW, lies east-southeast of flashing daybeacon #72. We hope you have a better stay than Chris did. We anchored here winter of 2011. Came in at low tide. Sticking close to the southerly shore. […]
  • New Dock Planned for Vilano Beach, AICW Statute Mile 775.5
    The proposed new dock reported in the article below will be appended to the Vilano Pier which is just north of the Vilano Beach Bridge at mile 776. Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of St. Augustine Inlet and the Vilano Beach Bridge
  • Galley Gift Ideas
    In the last few days, I’ve had a real surge in people finding TBG by Googling on search terms such as “galley gift” or “boat kitchen gift.” In hopes of getting people things that are suitable, here’s…
  • Avoid G81 at Intersection of AICW and Shallotte Inlet, Statute Mile 330
    This inlet/AICW intersection was dredged in February of this year and it appears that shoaling has begun anew. Others have found recently found good depths here, but Terry was not so lucky. Bad shoaling at green 81. Hit bottom hard 2 hours before low tide about 30 feet inside G81. The depth alarm, set at […]
  • Elizabeth City Bridge Closed for Repairs, Dismal Swamp ICW Route at Statute Mile 51
    A phone call to the bridge tender at the Hwy 158 Bridge confirmed that the bridge is down and cannot be repaired until Monday, 11/28. Extent of repairs is unknown, but hopefully the bridge will be operational late Monday or early Tuesday, 11/29. If you are already in the Dismal Swamp Canal, you get to […]

Today’s Links – November 27, 2011

  • Update on Fernandina Harbor Marina, AICW Statute Mile 716
    Fernandina Harbor Marina lies at the foot of the main street of this charming artist community and makes exploration by foot very easy. Fernandina Beach lies immediately south of the GA/FL state line. We keep our boat at the marina and winter in Fernandina. Couple of notes in response to above posts. As of this […]
  • ActiveCaptain route sharing: dangerous, useful, or perfection?

    When I first heard about ActiveCaptain’s plan to enable route sharing amongst it users, it was via a group email from a very experienced bluewater cruiser “in absolute shock that a boat owner/skipper navigating a boat through unfamiliar waters would use somebody else’s waypoints.” I posted the whole note for discussion in the Forum, but only AC developer Jeff Siegel and I participated. Well, now route sharing is fully enabled at the ActiveCaptain site, as illustrated in the screen shot collage above, and I still don’t understand why anyone would object, particularly given AC’s careful implementation…