Today’s Links – August 23, 2014

  • SC DNR Pre-Labor Day Boat Safety Inspections, August 29, 30 and 31
    These courtesy safety inspections are for our trailering friends and offer an excellent opportunity to make sure your vessel is as safe as possible. The brief time required is time well spent! The schedule below is for the Myrtle Beach and Georgetown area ramps, but I’m sure the DNR will be offering inspections at other […]
  • A Good Visit to Albemarle Plantation Marina, Northern Shore of Albemarle Sound
    Albemarle Plantation Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! is located off the AICW, on the northern shores of Albemarle Sound, on Yeopim River/Creek. Skipper Parker’s description of this facility makes a Waterway side trip up the Albemarle Sound very inviting! We spent Saturday night, 08-16-14, at Albemarle Plantation Marina and enjoyed a very pleasant […]
  • Garmin SmartMode, and here comes Simrad Bridge
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison


    Garmin’s SmartMode station control seemed like an obviously great idea when introduced with the 8000 Glass Helm series in early 2013. The basic feature simply let’s you group 8000 displays at a helm (station) and control what the various screens are showing all at once. But the interface designers went a smart step further by naming the default SmartModes after the overall tasks at hand instead of the conventional specifics about the tools needed, like “chart/rader/cam”. Thus the 8212 now being tested on Gizmo came with CRUISING, DOCKING, ANCHORING, and FISHING modes already suggested, and I’ve been adding my own in the same task-not-tool spirit…

  • Nighttime Height Restrictions at Wrightsville Beach Bridge , AICW Statute Mile 283.1
    The US 74 Bridge has a closed vertical clearance of 20ft [reduced to 15ft with repairs] and crosses the Waterway in the heart of Wrightsville Beach. These closures should not affect navigation, but late-night boaters expecting a 20ft clearance should heed this Local Notice. NC – ATLANTIC INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY (AICW) Mariners are advised that maintenance […]
  • Anchoring Restrictions Coming to the North East Cruising Grounds
    In light of our recent discussions concerning anchoring regulations in Florida, see, the cruising community will be interested in this message from a North East cruiser facing similar restrictions and issues. Thank you Mike ODonnell. Hi, I cruise the east coast with my wife and two young children. The Cruisers Net has been one […]
  • A Marine Professional’s Frustration, Beaufort, NC, AICW Statute Mile 201
    The current Grayden Paul Bridge over Gallant Channel in Beaufort is a bascule bridge with a closed vertical clearance of 13ft. Adams Creek and Gallant Channel connect southbound Waterway cruisers to the Beaufort waterfront. The new Grayden Paul Bridge ( will have a fixed vertical clearance of 65ft and a horizontal clearance of 100ft. Despite […]

Today’s Links – August 22, 2014

  • Summer Deals at Twin Dolphin Marina, off Tampa Bay on the Manatee River
    Twin Dolphin Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, sits perched on the southern shores of Manatee River, just short of the Highway 41 Business bridge. We get lots of praise for this fine marina and now they have summer specials to help you beat the heat – even a free bag of ice! END […]
  • Fort Pierce City Marina Happenings, AICW Statute Mile 966.5, August 21, 2014
    The entrance channel leading to Fort Pierce City Marina, a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!, runs to the west, just south of the Fort Pierce high-rise bridge, and well north of unlighted daybeacon #188. Anne Maurer Fort Pierce City Marina 772-464-1245 Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Eastern Florida Marina Directory Listing For […]
  • Depth Survey of Northern Fields Cut, AICW Problem, Statute Mile 574
    Many thanks to our good friends, Mark and Diana Doyle, for sharing this depth survey of northern Fields Cut, which was listed as a hazard to navigation (see in this week’s Local Notices. Please let this survey and our Nav Alert serve to guide you through this major Problem Stretch. Hi Larry, Just saw […]

Today’s Links – August 21, 2014

  • Maintenance On Park Boulevard Bridge, West FL ICW Statute Mile 126
    With a closed vertical clearance of 25ft, Park Boulevard Bridge crosses the West Florida Waterway at Statute Mile 126, north of unlighted daybeacon #12 in the heart of “The Narrows.” Of particular interest to cruisers will be the proposed opening restrictions, if needed, to the Welsh Causeway at Mile 123 and the Indian Rocks Bridge […]
  • Nautical Jewelry
    Three friends all make nautically-inspired jewelry, but all very different from one another. I love all my pieces!

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Today’s Links – August 20, 2014

  • Gizmo glass bridge MFD testing 2014, specs & prices
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison


    Now we’re talking. Gizmo’s flybridge feels like the starship Enterprise now that the Simrad NSS16 evo2 is installed in its Seaview Power Pod and the Garmin 8212 has been moved closer to the helm since I first discussed the 2014 glass bridge install. Recent visitors tended to break into giddy laughter, but the marine electronics horsepower at my fingertips is truly phenomenal. In this scene, for instance, I’m exploring a dicey area of Camden outer harbor — hence the lack of moorings — using StructureScan and medium CHIRP sonar on the NSS16, CHIRP DownView and sonar on the gS125, and EchoPilot FLS via the Garmin’s video port. Today’s subject, though, is about how and why I selected the particular gear I hope to test and compare for quite a while…

  • A New Light over the Pamlico River, off the AICW in Washington, NC
    Washington, NC, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, is one of the most delightful ports of call on the North Carolina coastline. The town is located off the direct path of the AICW, but it’s a pleasant 30 mile cruise upstream on Pamlico River from the Waterway’s passage across this body of water to the […]
  • NOAA Seeking Advisory Panel Members, i.e. Real Boaters!
    NOAA is seeking advice from “actual users of our products and this panel is a vital part of that information-gathering process.” This is your chance to make a difference and answer that question: what can I do? Applications must be received by October 10.
  • Morning Closures for US 70 Bridge, September 6-7, Trent River, New Bern, NC
    The Alfred C. Cunningham Bridge, with a closed vertical clearance of 14ft, connects New Bern and James City, crossing the intersection of the Trent and Neuse Rivers. The bridge normally opens on demand, responding on Channel 13. NC – NEUSE RIVER – TRENT RIVER – DRAWBRIDGE RESTRICTIONS Mariners are advised that the US 70 (Alfred […]
  • Inspections on I-64 High Rise Bridge, September 15-19, AICW Statute Mile 7.1
    I-64 High Rise Bascule Bridge with a CLOSED vertical clearance of 65ft crosses the Waterway at Statute Mile 7.1, immediately north of the entrance to the Alternate AICW Dismal Swamp Canal Route. VA – ATLANTIC INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY (AICW), SOUTHERN BRANCH OF THE ELIZABETH RIVER TO THE ALBERMARLE AND CHESAPEAKE CANAL Mariners are advised that VDOT […]
  • Good Visit to Beaufort Municipal Docks, AICW Statute Mile 201
    Location, location is the name of the game at Beaufort Municipal Docks and it is certainly good to hear positive comments about this popular stopping point for Waterway cruisers. The town of Beaufort, NC is known as a real success story along the Waterway and this wonderful port of call remains one of our favorites, […]
  • What’s an Overnighter?
    How you normally use your boat can color what you mean by an “overnighter.”

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