Today’s Links – August 27, 2014

  • Good Words for Ortega Landing Marina, Ortega River, Jacksonville, FL
    Only a mile or so upstream from downtown Jacksonville, Ortega Landing is the first facility on your starboard as you enter the Ortega River from the St. Johns. These words of praise come from our friends on the AGLCA Forum. Our boat is currently in Jacksonville at the Marina at Ortega Landing while we take […]
  • Cruising Solutions headsets, testing the Bluetooth update
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison


    Apparently the folks at Cruising Solutions have not forgotten that I once characterized their still popular Mariner 500 intecom headsets as “making a boater look unfashionably similar to a Soviet tank driver” and hence asked me to test their latest solution to the problem of verbal communications when captain and crew are in different areas of a boat. They are called “My Team Talks” Bluetooth headsets and they’re much more than modern looking intercoms. “Bring state-of-the-art multiplex communication technology to your boat” is not an overstatement…

  • Outlet Tester Showing Open Ground on Inverter
    Outlet tester showing an open ground on your inverter outlet? It might not actually be a problem.

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Today’s Links – August 26, 2014

  • Franklin Lock Campground Docks to Close, Okeechobee Waterway, Mile 121
    For an excellent description of Franklin Lock and Dam Park by our good friends Susan Landry and Chuck Baier, go to: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District has announced it will close docks at the W.P Franklin Campground near Fort Myers effective immediately due to structural concerns. The closure […]
  • REMINDER: September Meetings on Anchoring Scheduled in Vero Beach and Bradenton, FL
    These two VERY IMPORTANT public meetings were scheduled as outcomes of a public forum on anchoring held in July in Tallahassee, see Very few cruisers will be in Florida on these dates, but if you are near by, we urge you to attend!
  • High Praise for Marathon Marina and Boat Yard and Staff, Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL
    Marathon Marina and Boat Yard lines the northern banks of the western Boot Key Harbor approach channel, west of the now permanently open bascule bridge. Great Marina! We have pulled our trailerable Macgregor Sailboat from Atlanta to the Marathon Marina for the past 3 years. Each visit is a great one. The staff takes such […]
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal Advisories from BoatUS
    For the latest BoatUS Storm Advisory on Cristobal, go to: Opening and saving this link will allow you to get updates as they occur.

Today’s Links – August 24, 2014

  • 55th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 30-Nov 3, 2014
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the “Yachting Capital of the World” will host the 55th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on October 30-Nov 3, 2014. To purchase tickets, go to:
  • IMPORTANT! Pre-Public Meetings Survey of Anchoring Rights
    Pursuant to the upcoming public meetings ( on anchoring rights and regulations in Vero Beach and Bradenton, FL, Mike Ahart of Waterway Guide sends our readers this Seven Seas Cruising Association survey. Please open the survey link and submit your opinions. It is critical that cruisers have a voice in these discussions, especially since so […]
  • REMINDER: September Meetings on Anchoring Scheduled in Vero Beach and Bradenton, FL
    These two VERY IMPORTANT public meetings were scheduled as outcomes of a public forum on anchoring held in July in Tallahassee, see Very few cruisers will be in Florida on these dates, but if you are near by, we urge you to attend!

Today’s Links – August 23, 2014

  • SC DNR Pre-Labor Day Boat Safety Inspections, August 29, 30 and 31
    These courtesy safety inspections are for our trailering friends and offer an excellent opportunity to make sure your vessel is as safe as possible. The brief time required is time well spent! The schedule below is for the Myrtle Beach and Georgetown area ramps, but I’m sure the DNR will be offering inspections at other […]
  • A Good Visit to Albemarle Plantation Marina, Northern Shore of Albemarle Sound
    Albemarle Plantation Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! is located off the AICW, on the northern shores of Albemarle Sound, on Yeopim River/Creek. Skipper Parker’s description of this facility makes a Waterway side trip up the Albemarle Sound very inviting! We spent Saturday night, 08-16-14, at Albemarle Plantation Marina and enjoyed a very pleasant […]
  • Garmin SmartMode, and here comes Simrad Bridge
    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison


    Garmin’s SmartMode station control seemed like an obviously great idea when introduced with the 8000 Glass Helm series in early 2013. The basic feature simply let’s you group 8000 displays at a helm (station) and control what the various screens are showing all at once. But the interface designers went a smart step further by naming the default SmartModes after the overall tasks at hand instead of the conventional specifics about the tools needed, like “chart/rader/cam”. Thus the 8212 now being tested on Gizmo came with CRUISING, DOCKING, ANCHORING, and FISHING modes already suggested, and I’ve been adding my own in the same task-not-tool spirit…

  • Nighttime Height Restrictions at Wrightsville Beach Bridge , AICW Statute Mile 283.1
    The US 74 Bridge has a closed vertical clearance of 20ft [reduced to 15ft with repairs] and crosses the Waterway in the heart of Wrightsville Beach. These closures should not affect navigation, but late-night boaters expecting a 20ft clearance should heed this Local Notice. NC – ATLANTIC INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY (AICW) Mariners are advised that maintenance […]
  • Anchoring Restrictions Coming to the North East Cruising Grounds
    In light of our recent discussions concerning anchoring regulations in Florida, see, the cruising community will be interested in this message from a North East cruiser facing similar restrictions and issues. Thank you Mike ODonnell. Hi, I cruise the east coast with my wife and two young children. The Cruisers Net has been one […]
  • A Marine Professional’s Frustration, Beaufort, NC, AICW Statute Mile 201
    The current Grayden Paul Bridge over Gallant Channel in Beaufort is a bascule bridge with a closed vertical clearance of 13ft. Adams Creek and Gallant Channel connect southbound Waterway cruisers to the Beaufort waterfront. The new Grayden Paul Bridge ( will have a fixed vertical clearance of 65ft and a horizontal clearance of 100ft. Despite […]