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GHTA meeting

Updated information What: The GHTA 2017 Annual General Meeting
When: May 9, 10 and 11, 2017
Where: Grand Marina, 101 Craven St., New Bern, NC
Cost: $20.00 per person to help offset meals and meeting costs (Payable at the Meeting)

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND please email to the Secretary, Janet Guyer, ( an assignment of your proxy to any member attending. This will enable us to assure a quorum.

For those who are planning to attend, please RSVP to Janet Guyer ( ) so a correctcountcanbeprovidedtothecatererandmeetingsetup. Ifyouhaveanydietaryconcerns, please advise Janet

The annual GHTA Meeting to be held at the New Bern Grand Marina in New Bern, NC is fast approaching. The dates are May 9 (arrival date), 10 and 11. The club is unable to book the marina as a group this year so it is important that you call the marina as soon as possible to secure your slip for our event! The marina front office told us that if you book and then cancel you will be issued a credit for a future stay. However, the dockmaster did not take a credit card when Seven Tenths made their reservation. The rate is $1.25 per foot with the GHTA event. Please call the dockmaster at 252-638-0318 and tell them that you are with the GHTA Cruising Club. The marina website is

In addition, for those arriving by car, the DoubleTree by Hilton (located at the marina) is offering a 15% discount for our club event. The hotel discount code is 0003039564 Other hotels

in the area include Comfort Suites of New Bern, BridgePointe Hotel and Marina, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott Riverfront, Candlewood Suites, and Hampton Inn New Bern. If you make a reservation with the DoubleTree, please tell them you are with the GHTA event at the marina. We are looking forward to seeing many of you there so don’t wait too long! We have a great meeting shaping up again this year and the agenda will be published soon.

The agenda draft includes a speaker from the New Bern Historical Society. Peter Colket from MTOA speaking about boat insurance. Curtis Stokes from Curtis Stokes and Associates will present on yacht surveys. Ken Ficket will speak about the new TT35 trawler from Mirage and other updates from Mirage. We hope to have Andy SKYPE into the meeting, to discuss the GHTA website.

If you have any questions, please contact either Debbie Dennig at 443.416.5138 or Janet Guyer at 913.406.5799.

Looking forward to seeing you for another exciting and successful annual meeting!

PS – The marina has advised us that there are six boats that have made reservations so far. PSS – For those who have enjoyed boating in 2016, please email 5-12 photos to Henry Dennig ( ) so your adventures can be included in the slideshows during the meeting breaks.

So excited to be joining you all!


My husband Patrick and I have just purchased Gale Force (N47).  We can’t say enough good about Ken and Becky Fickett and all the assistance we’ve received during our search and purchase.  The Zavelsons’, from whom we purchased the boat, have also been terrific.  We have renamed the boat to JOURNEY and have so many hopes and dreams about where this new life journey will take us.  We are looking forward to meeting others from the GHTA.

Hauling and Blocking a Great Harbour 47

Hauling and Blocking a Great Harbour 47

Disclaimer – this has been written by Henry Dennig from comments I have collected from various owners.  I do not have any engineering background.  I would recommend anyone having their boat hauled and blocked, should discuss this event with Ken Fickett before having it done.  If you have any suggestions or comments on this post, please let me know – hjd




When hauling a Great Harbour 47, the slings should be aligned with the internal structural walls.   The aft lifting point is salon/engine room wall, which is forward of the salon windows, and before the port light.

The forward lifting point is the forward berth wall.   Directly forward of the bathroom / office port light.  Below the pilot house doors.

Ideally the boat should be lifted with four lifting straps to spread the weight but can be lifted with a travel lift using two straps.

The boat does not have stabilizers, nor spray rails.



The Great Harbour 47 does NOT have a keel.  The weight of the boat must be supported around the edge of the boat.   Each side of the boat should have five blocks/jack stands.  If jack stands are used, they must be chained.

A blocking under the transom and bow can be done after the sides are supported.


Photos of past hauling and blocking




Preferred lifting with four straps

Forward Straps


Forward Slings

Forward strap at the front of pilot house

Rear strap in front of ladder door

Aft Straps

Aft Slings

Front strap in front of salon window

Rear strap in front of engine exhaust


Bow thruster battery bank

Our bow thruster battery bank consists of two 12 volt AGM
start/deep-cycle batteries. Monitoring the charge state of the these
batteries under the bed is a pain in the neck. To ease the problem, I
recently made and installed a battery monitor such that the voltage
and charging current of each battery quickly can be monitored without
taking the mattress and hatch covers off. If anyone is interested in
installing one of these please contact me for details.

A related issue was the negative terminal on the port battery. This
terminal suffered a partial meltdown due to a loose connection in July
2010.  A repair allowed continued operation without battery
replacement. Unfortunately, during installation of the battery
monitor, a crack was observed across the face of the terminal. When I
wiggled it, the terminal broke off nearly flush with the top of the
case. Although the battery is old, considering the cost of a new
battery, a repair attempt seemed worthwhile. The repair worked – a new
terminal was successfully cast onto the old terminal stub. A load test
with the bow thruster confirmed that operation of the new terminal
under heavy load current is satisfactory. Please contact me if you
need details on the battery terminal repair procedure.

John Reynolds

Port Battery Terminal Batt Terminal Battery Monitor