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    Our wiper blades and pantograph arms are kaput. We were told by Ken Fickett that the solution to our problem is to forget the wipers and rely on RainX. We have done exactly that since we moved on board three years ago – and RainX has been one-hundred percent satisfactory as long as we remember to reapply it every two or three months.

    We didn’t remove the wipers because the motor still works fine. In fact, I would replace the arms and wiper blades if I knew what to order.

    Two questions: (1) Is this a dumb idea and should I just rely on RainX instead? (2) Can anyone share the component information I need to replace them?

    Thanks if you can help.

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    Henry Dennig

    I just received a wiper arm puller tool. I am trying to figure out the same issue. I am going to take one of my wipers off and try a few parts yards here in SW Florida. I might try to replace the springs on what I have also.

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    Norm Miller

    We have removed the wiper arms also. We apply Permanon instead of wax on our GH and it is just like rain-x but for the entire exterior (fiberglass, glass, seats, everything). Making the wiper arms work well has been a low priority for us.

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