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    Mike DiRusso

    We are in discussions with Mirage to purchase a N37 and need to see one in person. Aside from attending the annual meeting in NC, is there any N37 owner that would allow us to visit in the Northeast – anywhere from Maine to New Jersey? It is a little early yet for anyone in Northern New England to be in the water, but perhaps someone in Southern New England, NY, or NJ? Even if she was out of the water, we would still love to she her if anyone would be willing to give us a few minutes.

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    Norm Miller

    Hope you join the Great Harbour community! Contact Joe Pica. He knows all things N37


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    Where in NE are you?
    We will have our N47 in Massachusetts by mid May.

    Pat and Michele

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      Mike DiRusso

      We are in NH. Our current boat is in CT. We used to keep her in MA (Mattapoisett for some years and Red Brook Harbor most recently). Would love to see Journey if you could spare a few minutes for us to visit).

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    Hello again
    We would love to show you the boat and share any information with you.

    We will be at the Hingham Shipyard in May. We are currently making our way north (we are in NC now)

    Feel free to call us between now and then.

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      Mike DiRusso

      Awesome Michele – thank you – Helen is from Milton and her mom still lives there – we will give you a call as you get closer. Mike

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    Great! I’m not sure if you are interested but I have a Facebook group called Journey. I post about our journeys in Southwest Florida, crossing Lake Okeechobee and making our way north on the ICW. I can add you if you’d like.

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      Mike DiRusso

      Yes – very interested – thank you. I am on Facebook as Michael DiRusso.

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    I’ve just added you. I think once you sign in to FB, you’ll see that I tag you in a post. feel free to ask questions or leave comments anytime.

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    Henry Dennig

    The annual GHTA meeting is next month in New Bern, NC – May 8-10. Currently there are eight boats with reservations to be at the dock in New Bern and over 30 club members have RSVP’d they will be attending. This is a great time to learn about the boats.


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    Richard Lynch


    I absolutely agree with Henry. You need to come to New Bern and see the boats and talk to their owners. There will be at least 4 N37s in attendance, including our boat Semper Fi. You will gain a lot of valuable insight that cannot be gathered through any other means.



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    Mike DiRusso

    Thank you Henry and Richard. We would love to be there and hate to miss the opportunity, but both our daughters get out of college and one is graduating – so we just can’t make it. Thank you again, Mike

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