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    Matt Boliver

    Has anyone retrofitted a pedestal-style high-end helm seat on the N37? From pictures it looks like the typical starboard bench would need surgery to shorten it to fit the helm seat while allowing enough room to pass in front of the helm seat to access the door.


    James Wascko

    Hi Matt,
    From previous conversations I have had with Eric Kraft on this very thing.

    You can put a helm seat there either a portable one and move it around or snap in pedestal base but even with a slider seat base it would get in the way and still nead moving.

    I would believe you could customize the existing folding seat to your liking as well. From what I have been told, they are pretty comfortable and in just the right viewing angle.

    Then of course it’s your boat and you could do some heavy duty cosmetic refitting with in reasons.

    We had thought that way too as we researched all the different trawlers and their big fancy pilothouses.

    Then we got smart…. lol….we talked to some folks who actually owned and lived on the N models.

    Bottom line for us…..They work just fine. Plus you can always add a cushion.

    The best to you in your research.


    Richard Lynch

    Hi Matt,

    I know of one N37 that was retrofitted with a high-end helm seat and as I recall, the owners did have to make an adjustment to the STBD settee. What I have found looking at different N37s is that there is not necessarily a standard settee size. Ours is 86″ long and ends up 2 1/4″ from the door frame. There was a fold down helm seat installed when we purchased Semper Fi that never worked very well. It was a second attempt as there was already a row of holes underneath the seat from a previous set of brackets. When the replacement brackets bent, I removed them and never looked backed. Just this week we had a carpenter bung the sixteen holes and refinish the side panel.

    We ended up with a simple, but very effective low tech solution that cost us less than $100. It has served us well, it never feels unstable, it doubles as overflow dinette seating when needed and as my wife’s chair when working at the craft bench in the den/guest stateroom.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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