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    Norm Miller

    One of the features we really like on Great Harbours is the interior fiberglass. (Note ours has not been painted). Im curious what others use to clean the fiberglass. We have some areas that appear to still have the wax from the mold on them (faint yellow on bulkhead) and to date I have found Acetone the only thing that will cut it (with scrubbing). If you have had it or know someone that has had the same issue what did you/they use to remove it?? I see a product called Roll Off but have never used it to know if it will cut it?

    Last but not at all least; Do you wipe down your fiberglass with anything to help it stay clean and enhance its look?

    Always looking for better ideas and thing that have worked for others!


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    Henry Dennig

    Our boat interior was painted by the prior owner.
    Sorry – I can’t help.

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    Richard Lynch

    Hi Norm,

    I have found acetone to be my go to remedy for those yellow stains you mentioned. Nothing else seems to do the job, but for day to day maintenance or wipe downs, it is hard to beat Mr. Cleans’ White Erasers.



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    John Reynolds

    We used ZEP Fast 505 Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser on the interior fiberglass bulkheads. You can get it at Home Depot for about $10 per gallon. Takes the yellow stains right off. Fill a spray bottle, start at the bottom, and work up. Make sure to protect areas from over spray, including the deck and wood trim. Also wear gloves as this stuff removes all of the oil from your skin.

    We also used it to clean the traps in the galley and head sinks. Run some hot water in the sink. Pour in about a quart of 505 and let it sit for 30 minutes. Fill the sink up with hot water and then pull the plug.

    Although I never tried it, 505 would probably do a good job on the rub rail. It would also take the wax off of the hull.

    I used Awlgrip reducer to clean the rub rail. First, I applied masking tape to keep the stuff off of the hull. Put some reducer on a rag and wipe down the rub rail. It cleans the junk off, leaving the rail black and shiny. Make sure to use rubber gloves.

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