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    I had the opportunity to tour Easy a couple weeks ago…..lots of space! I’ve heard so many positives on the Ns that I think they are also worth looking at. From what I have read the biggest difference is the GH is a little more susceptible to winds and the N just does not have the rooms that you experience in a GH. So if I’m a live aboard I can’t run and hide from my wife! My thoughts are after one GH tour and what I have read.

    I also found an article about a single engine GH with stabilizers. It also has one less portal. I thought that was interesting. Do the stabilizers increase the draft?

    Don Robinson
    New member

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    Henry Dennig

    I am not familiar with a GH that has stabilizers and would recommend asking Ken Fickett.

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    I attended Trawlerfest at bay bridge and participated in the boat buys class but did not get an opportunity to speak with him. Maybe next time. not a big deal, I prefer two of everything. “Two is one, one is none”. Thanks! Don

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    Henry Dennig

    Lou Codega recently advised me that there is one GH37 with a single diesel engine and stabilizers reinstalled from a different boat. He felt the single engine countered several of the design features.

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    I have a picture but can’t figure out how to attach it. It’s an interesting GH. Don

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    Maybe this link will work.

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    Richard Lynch

    Hi Don,

    My wife Karen and I have been full time live aboards on our N37 for 2 1/2 years. While it is true that a GH37 has more interior room, the stand-up engine room, walk around side decks and fly bridge were big draws for us choosing an N37 over a GH37. As to you and your wife finding your own space at times, on nice days, the fly bridge is perfect for that purpose. The second stateroom or den off the galley is also a good place to “hide” out. Karen uses it for her craft room.

    We have a TV in the forward stateroom as well as the salon, so if either of us wants to watch TV and the other person does not, we can each go to our own non-TV space. Both the GH37 or N37 models make excellent live aboards. It all comes down to personal preference, budget and availability when the time comes to make a choice.


    Richard Lynch
    Semper Fi

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    Thank you for the reply. Based on what I’ve read, they do appear to be great live aboards. I’ve also seen many pictures of Semper Fi – very nice N!


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