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    Bruce Cohn

    As promised, we’re back with another question.
    Our Jabsco dual pump has issues. Pumps intermittently when using sinks, etc., spurts like it’s trying to bleed air, and generally low pressure. Strainers are clean and tight. No modifications or work has been done on water lines by me. Has anyone had similar issues or replaced their pump? I was told that this model is discontinued by Jabsco. Suggestions greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    08′ N37 Picture Perfect

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    Henry Dennig

    I do not have the dual pump so I cannot help you directly. Depco Pump in Clearwater FL could be a very helpful understanding the pumps and troubleshooting.
    At one point we had a air problem and it was a small hole in the pickup tube in the tank. I found it by threading a smaller tube down the pickup and clamping it into the hose feeding the pump. Once the problem was found, I replaced the pickup tube.
    The strainers on some Jabsco pumps can pinch the o-ring when tightening and introduce an air leak.

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    Richard Lynch

    Hi Bruce,

    We “had” the Jabsco Dual Max VSD pump on Semper Fi and it developed a progressively worsening leak from the upper pump assembly. We tried to find a new Dual Max pump online to no avail and ended up replacing it with the Xylem/Jabsco 5.0 V-Flo pump last May (recommended by Depco). To date the pump has been running as advertised and the 5.0 GPM flow rate has not been an issue, regardless of the demand placed upon it by running the shower, dishwasher, W/D etc. I have attached before and after photos.


    Semper Fi

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