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    John & Sally Savage

    New owner of Lo Que Se A 2005 GH37), now Colorado Cowboy, starting to learn. Anyone ever seen or put together a comprehensive wiring diagram for any of the GHs?

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    Henry Dennig

    I have not seen anyone who has a comprehensive wiring diagram for a GH.

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    If you are keen on it, your best bet might be to ask your electrician (hopefully ABYC-certified) to create a schematic for you. We took the opportunity to do that when, after a thorough vessel inspection, we made significant changes to the electrical and charging systems. It is a simple top-level schematic and is not detailed down to the circuit breakers and wires, but at least we established our new baseline.

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    Chuck Truthan

    More important than chasing the wiring systems, find out the circuit breaker plan and what they REALLY connect to.
    On our panel, one of the 220 volt breakers was labeled “Washer Dryer”. For the past 2 years, we’ve turned it on before starting the Washer/Dryer. Alas, 2 months ago, the Washer Dryer stopped working. No power at the unit. Called in a Splendide repairman and $360 later we found that the unit was 110V and powered by a dedicated circuit breaker on the 110V panel, labeled “Outlet Fwd”. It was located UNDER the bottom shelf below the cooktop. Yes, it was an “Outlet Forward” but when it is dedicated to the Washer/Dryer, why not label it as such????
    There are numerous 12V breakers with generic labeling but without careful testing, “Radio” also powers the fuel and water gauges.

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    Richard Lynch

    Hi Chuck,

    I had a couple of mislabeled CB issues also. The first time I tried to change the engine oil I could not energize the Jabsco oil change pump in the engine room. After a bit of “no cost” sleuthing, I discovered that it was connected to the Macerator CB on the DC Panel. I left it as is and made a note in the owner’s manual.

    The stereo was powered off the Electronics CB which powered up several other items every time you listened to music. I had that rectified this past winter in Pensacola when our electrician put it on a separate breaker.



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    I have started to diagram the entire electrical system on the Christina Sea, not an easy job but one that is very rewarding. No slam on Mirage, but I have found and repaired many things that I, as an owner and ABYC Certified Marine Electrician found to be not to my liking and not to standards.

    Anyone wanting to do this be prepared to spend a lot of time chasing wire through the boat. I have pulled many feet of wire from the boat system that went nowhere. I am sure these wires were run with the thought of adding addition equipment but they were not marked nor properly terminated.

    So to say at the least, this is not a job for the feint of heart nor those without the knowledge of basic electricity in the marine environment.



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    Norm Miller

    Christinasea keep us posted! If you have any safety items or upgrades that all of us should consider I for one hope you will let us know. I have not had any real electrical issues yet but believe in preventive maintenance.

    Norm Miller

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    George, what program are you using to create the schematic? I’m thinking that, if it is simple enough,
    others might find it a useful basis on which to document our own systems.

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