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    Chuck Truthan

    Our boat is 11 years old and over the past year we’ve had a progressive loss of water pressure to the Galley sink. This is for both hot and cold water outflow. Last week I back blew the hose lines via the faucet and the flow has improved a little bit, but not what we think it used to be nor anything like the faucets in the head.
    Has anyone had to replace the faucet itself due to blockage?

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    Norm Miller

    Have you checked the screen at the end of the faucet? Ours went slow and it was a simple fix. I assume your pump noise sound normal.

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    Chuck Truthan

    First thing I checked but forgot to post. First time I checked, about a year ago, there were several “stones”. Lately, none.
    That’s why I’m thinking I need to acid flush the faucet itself or replace it.
    Thanks for the comment.

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