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    ​Hello N37 owners!

    My name is Ray Henry and I am searching for an N37 in great condition to purchase and care for.

    I am an engineer, bordering on OCD, and have been meticulous about caring for the many boats we have owned previously. We have sold our 2006 American Tug 34 and are anxious to find an N37 that we can be just a​​s​ detailed about maintaining. We are currently located in North Carolina.

    We are aware of what is currently on Yachtworld and what has recently sold —– are there any of you N37 owners getting close to thinking about letting someone else pamper and take care of your wonderful vessel?

    ​Any chance we could talk? ​We would prefer a non-flybridge model, but would consider ​others as well.​ We are ready to purchase immediately with an all-cash transaction.​

    ​If you are ​even ​the least bit interested, please email or call me at: BOATHEALER [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM or NINE​-​1​-​9​,​ FOUR​-​TWO​-​6​,​ ​ ​​3​-​NINE​-​4​-​SEVEN

    If you are not ready, but maybe know of another N37 owner not on the forum who might be, would you mind passing along my contact information?

    Thank you​ very much​ for your consideration,
    Ray and Lisa Henry

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