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    Steve Ehrler

    Looking for some opinions on the actual value of adding bow eye(s) to a GH-37. We are tentatively planning to have Balena hauled for a bottom job later on this month. So, we’re considering what other things might we want to do while up on the hard. One of the things we’ve talked about is the installation of bow eye(s) for attaching an anchor bridal/snubber. I see the TT-35 is going to have a bow eye and several N & GH boats have them. I know of the usual rationale of having them to decrease boat swing for a given anchorage depth and, for a given length of available rode, increasing anchorage depth by the 9-10 feet from the waterline to the bow sprit. We’re thinking not to add them right now. But, what we don’t know is how often have boat owners run into situations where having bow eyes might be of value ? did the bow eye(s) help? were other solutions used (add more rode, etc.) ? and, for boats with bow eyes who have used them, would you say they were worth, or very worth having ?

    Would greatly appreciate some feedback !

    Steve & Jan
    Balena GH-37

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    Chuck Truthan

    There are other advantages to Bow Eyes other than reducing rode required. Principal one is to reduce the shock of the chain upon the chain dog/windlass/pulpit. By using a dynamic anchor rope to the chain, it acts as a shock absorber.
    As for reducing the “potty dance” of GH’s at anchor, forget it! Nature of the beast!
    If you do go for adding bow eyes, be sure to orient the loop in the direction of the anchor rode pull for maximum strength. That will NOT be parallel to the surface water, but rather about a 35 to 45 degree angle downward and forward.


    Chuck Truthan
    Insandity N37

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    Joe Pica

    Hello Steve,

    I have a single bow towing eye at the waterline to which my snubbers are attached. If I were to do it over I would orient the eye horizontally and would then have the “option” to feed the snubber through the eye from up on the deck. I would then have the option to ease more snubber with chain if conditions dictate. That said, the fixed lengths have served me well cow hitched to the eye. Scope is drastically reduced by 6.5′ from deck pulpit height greatly reducing amount of rode to achieve adequate scope and reduces swing area while still permitting a weather necessitated scope. I have enjoyed anchored in as little as 4′ which a 7 to 1 scope rode length which is only 28′! The dance/pivot/swing at anchor is and still will be an issue. If in a tight or crowded anchorage I’ll drop a simple 20lb river style mushroom anchor off the stern straight down. It does not hold the stern but does reduce the degree and frequency of the pivot?dance.

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    Norm Miller

    We use or bow eye everytime we anchor. We are a GH47 and and use 8plait 3/4 yale rope 40 foot long as a snubber. Enables us to use less chain given the lower scope and prevents chain shock in a big blow. We also like that the chain is not pulling down on the end of the bow pulpet. The down side is we may capture more drift on the snubber that we would without it but have no way to compare since we always use the snubber. Makes it quieter in the master during the night without the chain moving around on the bow roller.


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    Norm, what do you use to secure your 3/4″ Yale 8-plait snubber line to the anchor chain? Would a Tylaska T12 with a large bail be big enough? Is a thimble needed to prevent chafing?

    N37 Avocet

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    Henry Dennig

    We attach our snubber with a T12 with a large bail. I did not use a thimble when I did the splice. One the boat end, I spliced an eye-splice and did a cow hitch.

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    Chuck Truthan

    Mantus chain hook is what we use and LOVE IT!
    The black plastic “safety” that keeps the chain from popping out accidently fractured after a year. I called Mantus and they sent me a replacement and a spare (at my request) at NO CHARGE. Excellent warranty service! is the link.

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    Joe Pica

    This is the Tylaska T-12 snap shackle I use. The leg will fit thru the link on 5/16ths and 3/8″ G-4 HT galvanized chain. Whatever you buy, you should verify that the leg will fit thru what ever chain you have. . extremely easy to apply and remove. 12,000lb breaking 6000lb wwl. . After 9 years 40,000+ miles no sign of wear or distortion.

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    Joe Pica

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    This is easy, put in the Bow Eye. Less rode for anchoring, shortens swing arc.

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