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    Eric Bemis

    Tapestry (originally Fiddlers Green) is a 1999 GH37. Three seasons is enough to convince us that a bow eye (for a snubber) mounted close to the water line will have benefits. Steve Ehrler’s posting last July brought out some of those points. I’ve asked my marina to install one. They are always cautious about drilling holes in boats & are even more concerned doing so to a Great Harbour. They know Tapestry is heavy and the installation is a potential liability. I’d very much like to hear from another GH37/47 owner that has retrofitted a bow eye:
    *What size hardware did you use? (1/2″ thread, 5/8″ thread)
    *Where did you place the unit? ((how high above the water line?)
    *Did any restraints force it to be located in that position?
    *What steps were taken to assure a sound installation? (tricks of trade)
    *How has it held up under use?
    Any experience in this retrofit will be appreciated.

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    Henry Dennig

    I cannot help on the retrofit as the bow eye on our boat was installed when we bought her. Some boats have a single bow eye and some have strong points attached on either side of the bow so a two point bridle can be setup. I will ask around to see if I can find others who have retrofitted their boat.

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      Eric Bemis

      Henry, thanks for connecting with Joe Pica on this issue. I’ve included his email (below) so this post includes his contribution for future owners researching this issue. One of the 3 photos exceeded the 1k file size limit. But, I attached the other 2.

      From Joe Pica
      No problem and has held up fine. Mine was done during construction. Plenty strong glass area. That said, mine is installed in the area under the master bed and below the chain lockers forward of the bowthruster. The glass there is extremely thick is 2+” look at the bowthruster cutout piece picture as an example. After holes are drilled, a stainless steel (unknown type 316 perhaps?) 3/4″/7/8″ in diameter manufactured u bolt (source unknown and looks custom and sourced by Smurf at Mirage) was thru bolted with a backing plate inside vertically thru the stem. There was a plate welded onto the bolt that was on the outside. With this arraignment when the nuts and lock washer are tightened on the inside, it pulls the outside plate against the hull and the inside baking plate pressed inside also squeezing it in place. It appears that they ground out a flat spot for the outside plate nest in. All of which were well sealed with an adhesive caulk. I’m still concerned about eventual crevice corrosion over time so if done again would use titanium. I’ve toyed with the idea of using it a a fairlead so I could ease more or less snubber as needed. The one picture shows two different lines cowhitched to the eye.. One for each of the mounted anchors. One is shorter than the other the larger is 1″ diameter 8 brait 42′ long as a storm snubber for my 3/8″ G-4 HT chain and 33kg Rocna. The other is a 5/8″ 8 brait 24′ long for the 5/16′ G4 HT chain attached to the Fortress FX-37 anchor. I don’t think using pad eyes makes that much riding difference and they would be mounted in less thick albeit still strong areas. They would just require matching backing plates. areas. My single point has worked for me.

      Sorry I don’t have any inside pictures of the u bolt. you should get Hugh Hazeltine to take a picture of his crazy arrangement on his GH-37 Blue Skies. His is an articulating with a sheave pulley arrangement that permits him to play out and much or little snubber he wants.

      Eric can feel free to call and discuss if he wishes

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    Sea Gypsy

    I installed a snubber system on our GH37 Sea Gypsy using dual lines with through bolts into the anchor locker. If you have any questions text me at 215-397-5072.
    Ron Main

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