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    Steve Ehrler

    We’re just starting to look into adding solar power to our GH-37. We had beefed up the electrical & added solar to our Nimble Nomad the year before we sold her and it worked GREAT ! Could sit on anchor with an electric cooler, TV & stereo for 5 days without having to run the outboard or seek shore power. We won’t be able to do that with Balena but figure it would compliment our generator nicely. We’d like to take advantage of some of the nice flat-top space on top the pilot house but are a bit leery about just drilling holes to route the power cable. Is there anyone with a GH that’s put solar panels on top the pilothouse? Where did you route the power cables? How many watts installed?

    Thanks !

    Steve & Jan

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    Richard Lynch

    Hi Steve and Jan,

    Just ran across this web site a few days ago:

    The site has an incredible amount of information on how to add solar power systems on cruising vessels, with lots of installation photos. I don’t think adding panels on top of a GH pilothouse would be much different than doing the same thing on a Nordic Tug and that is addressed on the site.



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