WeatherTrack View Grib files on iPhone/iPad

WEATHERTRACK – The Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts!

WEATHERTRACK is a GRIB viewer for GFS models or other scientific weather models to display weather forecasts on your mobile device: your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Use WEATHERTRACK to get simple, accurate information on wind speed or wind direction, pressure, air-/sea temperature, precipitation, wave height or wave direction, current, cloud cover, CAPE(severe weather data) and many more details.  See how WEATHERTRACK works: Guided Tours.

Road ID – Boat ID

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you had an accident, heart attack, stroke, broken bone or even just fainted when you’re ashore while cruising?

  • Would you have any ID on you?  If you’re swimming, hiking or exploring, chances are you won’t. Kids are particularly likely not to have ID, something to think about if they are old enough to be off the boat on their own.
  • If you do have ID, would it connect you to your boat? Would first responders or helpful bystanders know who to contact?  Your driver’s license or even your passport doesn’t really help with this.
  • If you’re unconscious, would medical personnel know of any pertinent medical history or what medications you take?
  • Perhaps even more importantly, would medical personnel know of any (potentially fatal) drug allergies?
  • If your significant other was with you or contacted, would they remember all the info — medical history, medications, allergies, insurance and more — in the stress of the moment?
  • Do you have kids or pets onboard that would have to be taken care of in an emergency?
  • And if a pet got separated, would it have any ID that would connect it to you on the boat?

Managing the Waterway:ICW

There are several guides that assist in navigating the ICW.  I think this is one of the best.  Read on:
Hi Andrew,
Our son is going off to college and Mark and I have moved back aboard full-time.
Unfortunately, we’re in Virginia and our fulfillment house in Minnesota is relocating. We need to move our inventory out the door rather than paying other people to move heavy boxes of books for us.
So we decided to throw a “wild and wacky warehouse bonanza sale!”
We’re offering all of our cruising guides, chart guides, books and charts at the following discounted rates …
$15.00 Managing the Waterway: ICW (regularly $24.95)
$15.00 MTW: Florida Keys (reg. $24.95)
$30.00 MTW: Chicago to Paducah Inland Waterway ChartGuide (reg. $49.95)
$15.00 Electronic Chart and Nautical Reference Library (2-DVD Set) (reg. $39.95)
$15.00 Get Onboard With E-Charting (reg. $34.95)
… with FREE SHIPPING by USPS Media Mail to the United States. (International orders please email us for a shipping quote.)
These short-term sale prices aren’t compatible with our web shopping cart, so if you are interested please reply to this email with your order and a mailing address. I’ll reply with options for payment and confirmation of your order.
You can view sample pages and descriptions of each title at:
So please give us a hand here and help us “lighten up”!
And as everyone knows, they make great gifts for other boaters!   <hint hint>
Fair winds,

Nobeltec TimeZero Trident

Nobeltec has introduced some new software, TimeZero Trident. Anybody have any initial impressions to share?

Nobeltec’s TimeZero Trident is the most dynamic, cutting-edge PC-based navigation software available. Built on the innovative TimeZero chart engine, Trident offers a completely new, sophisticated user interface designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. The chart engine redraws charts seamlessly allowing users to easily zoom, pan, change chart display modes, and perform other chart handling functions without limited range presets.

TimeZero Trident incorporates a whole new dimension into chart presentation with full time 3D chart rendering. Users can choose a 2D top-down view of the navigation chart for a look and feel that duplicates traditional chart plotting presentation. Or, users can choose to pan and zoom the chart to any angle at any range scale instantly. There is no limited “3D mode” because Nobeltec TimeZero Trident operates in a true 3D environment at all times.

Trident uses MapMedia 3D charts and users have the opportunity to choose which data they prefer from multiple chart sources in the MM3D format. The options within the MapMedia data include official S-57 vector and raster charts from hydrographic offices around the world, as well as vector charts from C-MAP by Jeppesen and DataCore by Navionics.

Trident supports Nobeltec InSight radars and the best of class Furuno FAR2XX7 radar making it ideal for light commercial and workboat users who want to optimize radar integration. Trident also integrates with Furuno’s entire DRS radar line, the FA30 and FA50 AIS units, DFF1 and DFF3 black box sounders, NavNet3D chart plotters, standard NMEA 0183 navigation sensors, and NMEA 2000 networks.

Long Range WiFi

We’ve all struggled with grabbing, and holding WiFi signals while cruising outside the States.  While in the Abacos this year, Annie and I tried a new device called the Wirie.  All I can say is – It works.  We never found ourselves without a solid connection anywhere we anchored.  Here’s more info:

The Wirie is a complete wireless solution for the boat and RV, that’s easy to use, easy to install, and most importantly, greatly increases your ability to access wireless networks from the comfort of your own boat or RV!

• Simply mount The Wirie, install the included software, and plug the USB cable into your computer.

• Practical Sailor reviewed and tested, offers highest performance on the market, greatest flexibility, upgradeable, marine grade. (See the Practical Sailor review for full details).