Porthole screens

All portholes on Colorado Cowboy (GH37 fka Lo Que Se A) have screens glued onto an exterior retainer ring.  I  can’t find any manufacturuer info on the portholes flanges and haven’t wanted to take one apart to investigate further.  Anyone know  who manufactured these portholes and if new screens are available,  or were the screens a later add on?

NY Times – Facing Gators and Detours, Ferry heads North

ON THE OKEECHOBEE WATERWAY, Fla. — The captain and crew of the New York City-bound ferryboat known simply as Hull 200 spotted their first big alligator just before noon on Friday. And, eagerly anticipated as it was, it turned out to be a bad omen.

Their delight at seeing the reptilian menace slide into the canal they were navigating had barely subsided when the boat jerked to a stop. Three and a half days into its maiden voyage, Hull 200 was stuck in the Central Florida mud with no help in sight.

Boats get trapped in muck all the time, of course. But this sudden halt interrupted a crucial test for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambitious plan to start a citywide ferry service this summer.