Double JJ

Hi Wilma: 

You said to stop what I was doing, take a moment to look around and determine where I am… sooooo…  stopped what I was doing, looked around and all was white!!!  Oh my god!!!  I think I am in a snowstorm …  but wait…  it isn’t blowing…  it isn’t cold…  in fact it is hot…  and there are no polar bears around…  so maybe, just maybe I am hallucinating…  wait …  ok, so now I have moved sideways andfallen off a cliff…  and the white sheet has fallen off and I have untangled myself and am now laying on the floor beside the bed…  oh my god, what a nightmare…  Wilma you promised it would be easy…  or at least you said it sounds kinda easy…  well, looking around at all that white, then falling off the side of the bed was sure easy…  what wasn’t easy was waking up afterwards….  (guess you had to be there to understand!)

So here we are in Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas, where we’ve spent the winter at the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina along with 50 or 60 or so other boats of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club (RMHYC).  We’ve had a wonderful winter season enjoying all the different things the yacht club has going for it’s members…  from daily yoga to water color painting classes, to mah jong every day, to dances and parties, to pickleball three times a week, and good times with some really neat people.  

This is our 8th winter here…  weather this winter has been unseasonally windy with some rainy afternoons and cool nights….  but it is still paradise.

Coming back to the states in April — boat is still for sale with a drastically reduced price of $275,000 since we want to get on with our new RV adventures….  we still love our boat, and know the next owners (hopefully soon) will get a really  nice boat that has been well maintained.

Judie and Jonathan Jenkins
Great Harbour 37, Double JJ
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