Carolyn Ann

Hello Andy and All our fellow GHTA Friends, 

We (“Carolyn Ann”) have spent the winter again in St Petersburg, Florida at the Treasure Island Club along with “Lazy Dolphin” (Barb and Randy Semper). 

 Our Son lives in St Petersburg and has our only grandchild.

 Soooo, St Petersburg is an attractive nuisance for us.  We’ve been doing the “Tour D’ Doctors” while here to get our tune ups for the upcoming cruising season as well as many boat projects.

Last year’s cruising was spent on the Western Erie Canal and finger lakes which was a great relaxing cruise.   Hurricane Irene forced us to make a second loop after shutting down the Mohawk River section of the Erie Canal route to the Hudson River.  We left Watkins Glen on Lake Seneca and travelled  through Buffalo September 9th crossed Lake Erie, up  Lake Heron via the Detroit River, down Lake Michigan, down the Illinois, Mississippi, Ten Tom to the Gulf  and crossed to St Petersburg from Carrabelle.

While not our planned route it was a good cruise and afforded us the opportunity to visit many new places and a few we skipped on out first loop such as Charlevoix, Mi with it’s charming Earl Young designed boulders homes.

and Door County Wisconsin.

   We also took this opportunity to visit Joe’s amazing 90 year old Aunt who lives on the family farm west of Peoria. 

 We and a couple of other GHTA’rs are planning an unusual cruise this year to the Point at Three Rivers Pittsburg, Pa..  The Ohio River is a blue collar river deeply embedded in our country’s history with it’s own interesting scenery, towns and cities to visit.  We have been busy collecting Ohio River information for this cruise.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a cruise up the Ohio River.    We hope to cross wakes with all of you sometime soon.  

Until then Cruise without Drama but have fun!

Joe and Punk

Lo Que Se A

Lo Que Se A spent a quiet winter at Ortega Marina in Jacksonville. Highlight was a “roadtrip” south to visit Puffin. We had a fun reunion lunch with other GHTA’ers who were spending their winter in the area also.

We are now headed slowly north with a several month stop at Barefoot Marina in Myrtle Beach. You can’t miss our wide “backside” looking out over the ICW, so stop or give us a “hail” as you pass by.

Love the free dock at Portsmouth!

Thank goodness for Great Harbour helpers – Bruce (Forever 39) and Henry (Seven Tenths)
Judy and Gene Koetitz

The Rose

After full time cruising for 5 years, a couple of years ago we changed our routine and elected to spend winters on land. Once the fall weather approaches, The Rose is securely docked in Warwick Cove on Narragansett Bay, RI. We have a “bubbler” under the hull to prevent freezing and the systems are winterized.  All things considered, our schedule has worked well for us since it allows us to enjoy our waterfront homes in Florida and Rhode Island. Because our families are in Rhode Island, we make regular trips North during the winter but The Rose is always our 1st stop after arriving. Early May is our usual target for moving back onboard and Narragansett Bay and surrounding waters are our cruising grounds. These shots were taken during her winter “nap” and during a road trip from Florida  to  Savannah where we met up and visited with cruising friends from Charleston, SC.

Paul & Connie Murgo m/v The Rose, GH37

Pipe Dream II

On Wednesday 3-14-12 PIPEDREAM left St. Andrews Marina in Panama City, FL bound for Tarpon Springs. The 230 mile trip would take us 31-1/2 hours to complete. We started out in Fog and had to listen to the foghorn for over four hours. But the fog lifted around noon to reveal a really great day. Seas were approximately 2-4’ for the first 6 hours, then laid down handsomely to under 1 foot. The night was clear and cool and the crossing uneventful (thankfully). There is no substitution for good planning and good maintenance.

We arrived off Anclote Key to the standard mine field of crab traps and had to be very diligent all the way into the marked channel. Along the way, we gave thanks for the strong heavy construction of the GH47 and the roomy and comfortable confines of our boat. The Yanmar engines performed flawlessly.


We are now docked at Turtle Cove Marina in Tarpon Springs and have eaten our weight in Greek Food. The marina has new floating docks and is spotlessly maintained. It is only a two block walk to the sponge docks and we have had a wonderful time.


Now we are back in Atlanta for 10 days and will return to make our way to the east coast. We would love to know if anyone is going around the horn to Key West before starting North up the ICW. We will probably stop in Jacksonville for a while. But mostly, we don’t know what we are going to do and don’t care. We are just enjoying the boat, the scenery, the food and the boaters that we meet along the way.


Fair Seas All

Bill and Betsy Buckland


Seven Tenths

Hi Andy,

just letting you know that Seven Tenths has spent the winter  at Baltimore Marine Center in the Canton area of the Inner Harbor. Just under three years till retirement so we are tied to the land for awhile longer while we work towards the goal of cutting the lines. We have had a relatively uneventful winter since it has been one of the warmest on record. We love it. We have been into projects….a new drain in the master shower to eliminate that nasty sump and Looking forward to spending spring, summer and fall season boating on the Chesapeake!

Double JJ

Hi Wilma: 

You said to stop what I was doing, take a moment to look around and determine where I am… sooooo…  stopped what I was doing, looked around and all was white!!!  Oh my god!!!  I think I am in a snowstorm …  but wait…  it isn’t blowing…  it isn’t cold…  in fact it is hot…  and there are no polar bears around…  so maybe, just maybe I am hallucinating…  wait …  ok, so now I have moved sideways andfallen off a cliff…  and the white sheet has fallen off and I have untangled myself and am now laying on the floor beside the bed…  oh my god, what a nightmare…  Wilma you promised it would be easy…  or at least you said it sounds kinda easy…  well, looking around at all that white, then falling off the side of the bed was sure easy…  what wasn’t easy was waking up afterwards….  (guess you had to be there to understand!)

So here we are in Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas, where we’ve spent the winter at the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina along with 50 or 60 or so other boats of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club (RMHYC).  We’ve had a wonderful winter season enjoying all the different things the yacht club has going for it’s members…  from daily yoga to water color painting classes, to mah jong every day, to dances and parties, to pickleball three times a week, and good times with some really neat people.  

This is our 8th winter here…  weather this winter has been unseasonally windy with some rainy afternoons and cool nights….  but it is still paradise.

Coming back to the states in April — boat is still for sale with a drastically reduced price of $275,000 since we want to get on with our new RV adventures….  we still love our boat, and know the next owners (hopefully soon) will get a really  nice boat that has been well maintained.

Judie and Jonathan Jenkins
Great Harbour 37, Double JJ